Overnight Accommodations

Rest easy in God's Backyard.

McDowell can accommodate 834 individuals when at full capacity. Our diverse overnight options ensure we have the perfect fit for any budget or occasion. The newest area of McDowell, Bethany Village, is handicap accessible and can accommodate 274 individuals with special needs, providing one of the largest facilities of its kind in the southeast.

McDowell offers two types of accommodations:

  • Private Lodging – Designed for comfort and privacy, these rooms have two queen beds and a private restroom.
  • Dormitory Lodging – For the "camp" experience, guests bring their own linens and share a communal restroom and large space with several others.

Private Lodging

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  • Miller Porch.jpg
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Miller Commons

Miller Commons consists of five lodges and Pradat Hall, a meeting space that comfortably seats 70. Each of the five lodges in Miller Commons has 11 hotel style rooms - six upstairs and five downstairs - and both a front and back porch. The two front porch rooms in each lodge are handicap accessible. Linens and towels are provided and every space is heated and cooled. The common space of each lodge boasts a full kitchen and can be used as a meeting space for up to about 20 people. Miss Mary's Lodge overlooks a large grassy field, excellent for frisbee or flag football, and sits next to a playground and pavilion, privately tucked away in the woods. Miller Commons has its own grilling pavilion and trails leading to St. Francis Chapel, Stough Lodge, and Tiller's.


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  • Bethany Lodge and Sloan Lake.JPG
  • Parsley Commons playground.jpg
  • Bethany Lodge Meeting Room.JPG

Parsley Commons

Parsley Commons, located in Bethany Village, has six lodges and Phifer Hall, a meeting space that comfortably seats 100 theatre style. Each of the six lodges has 11 handicap accessible hotel style rooms - six upstairs and five downstairs - and both a front and back porch. Four lodges have a back porch view of Sloan Lake, which boasts beautiful sunsets. The other two lodges overlook a playground, making them a popular choice for guests with small children. Linens and towels are provided and every space is heated and cooled with a geothermal system. The common spaces of each lodge has a full size kitchen and can be utilized as a meeting space for up to about 20 people. Parsley Commons has its own grilling pavilion, overlooking Sloan Lake.


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Stough Lodge

Built in 1978, the recently renovated Stough Lodge has 18 hotel-style rooms. Stough Lodge also has two dorm-style rooms, each with ten beds and a communal bathroom. Stough has various meeting areas, one with a small kitchen, a large living room, a deck, and fireplace. Trails from Stough Lodge lead to lower camp, Miller Commons, and Lethe Brook, and Tillers. Stough is right next to the soccer field, a playground, and Scott House. Stough Dining Hall is a part of Stough Lodge.


Dormitory Lodging

  • BethanyCabin Outside.jpg
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Bethany Village Cabins

Each of the ten cabins in Bethany Village can accommodate up to 18 guests of all abilities and ages. The cabins are heated and cooled and guests share a communal bathroom. Linens are not furnished. All of Bethany lodging has handicap accessible paths leading to the dining hall, fire pit, nurse's cabin, and all other buildings in Bethany Village.


  • Lower Outside.jpg
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Clear Creek Cabins

Clear Creek Camp, the oldest section of McDowell, has 14 dormitory-style cabins that can accommodate 11-16 people. A few buildings have semi-private rooms and all cabins have indoor bathrooms with hot water showers. They are not air-conditioned but are heated in winter. Linens are not furnished. A playground is near the "Girls Side" group of cabins while the Rec Hall is near the "Boy's Side." The same area of lower camp also has Ascension Chapel, a large swimming pool, Eppes Hall, and paths to Clear Creek and the canoe area.


  • Scott House Outside.jpg
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Scott House

Upon its donation to Camp McDowell by the Scott family of Montgomery, the Scott House was taken apart log by log, moved to its present site, and rebuilt by the Rev. Mark Johnston and friends. With its four bedrooms with twin beds and four bathrooms, this beautiful pre-antebellum log cabin can accommodate up to 24 people. It is heated and air-conditioned. Linens and towels are provided. The Scott House sits next to Stough Lodge and overlooks a playground and the soccer field. St. Francis Chapel is also nearby. Scott House is a popular choice for families and friends gathering for special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and reunions.