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The Camp Store

What started out years ago as a couple of shelves of t-shirts in the Stough Dining Hall with a trust basket for collecting money has since turned into a full-fledged brick & mortar gift shop and on-line store. Ever since its construction in 2015, The Camp Store has become a hub for visitors to meet, relax, grab a snack, and find some wonderful camp swag. (swag = stuff-we-all-get) All proceeds from Camp Store purchases directly support the ministry of Camp McDowell. *Hours vary, are determined based on the activity and reservations of guests and groups, and are posted by the month online and around camp. What goes on at The Camp Store besides shopping for all-things-McDowell ? Many guests pick up a map or check-in (depending on the event coordinator) at the store. It's where books are collected for the Blackbelt Book Drive . Donations to the Summer Camp Scholarship Fund are taken by feeding the piggy bank! Summer Camp mail and care packages are dropped off and/or created. Folks hang out on the porch, rest, socialize, or connect to wifi. Summer Campers sign the annual Summer Camp Autograph Poster. Guests find a lot more wares in the store than is offered online like crafts and jewelry made by local artists and people affiliated with McDowell. Guests stop by the store on their way back home to pick up last-minute snacks, drinks, and icecream. We hope to see you soon at The Camp Store!