Creation Care


"The earth is what we all have in common." - Wendell Berry

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McDowell takes steps daily to look for ways to live into our mission of showing the way the world could be. Tending for what God has gifted us to the best of our ability is what we believe Creation Care is all about. As long as Camp McDowell has been nestled on Clear Creek, those responsible for caring for camp have continually searched for the best ways to preserve and protect what is here while planning for the future. We are passionate about being good stewards of our environment and actively share that passion with others by teaching and showing guests, campers, and students the various methods of Creation Care we have put into place while remaining open to new opportunities to continue in our mission.

McDowell has a commitment to caring for the 1142 acres we are privileged to own that goes beyond merely conserving what is currently here. We are actively engaged in the preservation of the resources that cross our landscape. Water is directed and captured for recreation and agriculture, sunlight is transformed into power, air is filtered through the lungs of our forest and soil is nurtured and improved with rotational grazing, silvopasture, and regenerative agricultural practices. Every waste stream is analyzed and redirected with recycling programs, composting systems, mycoremediation and creative controls. Embracing the legacy of our ancestors, we harmonize with the landscape to nurture all of the living things that exist upon it and that we introduce to it. With education at the core of our mission, every action becomes a teaching opportunity and every special place, a classroom.

We invite you to view the below video and click the options above to see what we do and what we plan to do regarding Energy, Agriculture, and Recycling.