McDowell Environmental Center

Classes & Standards

Our classes and curriculum provide an experience that is impossible to find in a classroom. It is a place where students can see and feel exactly what they are being taught. Our non-profit, educational organization provides outdoor learning experiences for school groups in the forests, canyons, and streams of beautiful Camp McDowell. Classes are in line with the Alabama Course of Study, Mississippi State Standards, and Next Generation Science Standards and participation by teachers earns them continuing education credits.

Class Overviews

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Outdoor environmental education embraces teachable moments which happen regularly in an outdoor classroom. Our instructors are professional educators who go through an extensive staff training. Each instructor will have their own teaching style and choose activities for classes that best suit their personality. Your students will not stay with the same instructor the entire time. Because of this, your student groups will not have an identical experience in every class. Instructors will cover the learning goals for each class, which are correlated to the Next Generation Science Standards, and to the state standards for Alabama and Mississippi.

Standards By Grade

Standards By Class

"It was worth it, every penny, worth it; it was a life lesson for them as well." - Rosalind Maldando from J.R. Scrugg Academy