McDowell Farm School

Classes & Standards

  • Our curriculum is cultivated as the farm grows and evolves. Alabama’s history is rich in agriculture, and science is necessary for developing sustainable systems to connect to our food. Our classes are correlated to the Alabama Course of Study and the newest Science and Social Studies Standards.
  • Our program is a mixture of three core classes that all school groups take: Farm to Table, Farm Fauna, and Plant It, Earth! Teachers select additional classes to fill a total of 12 hours of daily class time, plus two-night programs. We are flexible and fluid, changing with the plants, animals and seasons from week to week! Take a look at our Teacher Planning Packet for class descriptions and information for planning your trip.

"It was an amazing 3 day 2 night experience. Food excellent, facilities clean and staff is wonderful. If you can take a group of kids to camp, this is the place I'd recommend; it's not just fun or educational, it's ALL THAT and SOME!!!" - Paul Morris, Facebook Review