McDowell's Wish List

"They are to do good, to be rich in good works, generous, and ready to share," Timothy 1 6:18 NRSV

Camp McDowell gladly accepts with great appreciation your tax-deductable donations - big or small. Contact us with questions or suggestions regarding donations.



Long-bed truck: Our trucks have been with us for over 20 years and are on their last legs/wheels.

Golf carts: We usually have at least one of our two golf carts in maintenance, getting fixed. Golf carts help our staff serve our guests faster and better.

art supplies.JPG


Art supplies: Most of our programs (summer sessions, Environmental Center, Magnolia Nature School, McDowell retreats) use art supplies and are in constant need of replenishing. Acrylic paint, Sharpie pens, paintbrushes, scissors, poster board, string, beads, etc.)

Twine for name tags: We are in constant need of twine for nametags. We also use string. We will accept twine or string for nametags ANY time of year.

Paper: All types, all year. Mostly standard size 8.5x11, ledger size 11x14, and card stock size 8.5x11. Anytime you want to bring, drop off, or send us a box or reem of paper - we will accept it with gratitude!

Office supplies: Black sharpies, dry-erase markers, black pens, poster board, fat paint pens, flip-chart markers, packs of lamination sheets, packing tape, clear tape to fit into the tape dispensers we already have